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MEGIDDO "The Holocaust Messiah" CD (WRATH063)
It's been what, 13 years ? Way too fucking long a wait for a new MEGIDDO album, I'm sure you all agree. But alas, finally, here we are. "The Holocaust Messiah" is upon us and songs like "Walpurgisnacht" or "Thrall" are dripping with the venom of bestial malevolence. Released in April 2015 CE.

SARDU "Standing At The Precipice" CD (WRATH062)
BARBARIAN WRATH has always been the "Dominion Of Evil" and thus we proudly present the coming of SARDU. Imagine the Mad Max version of WARFARE battle the Escape from New York version of AMEBIX and you're about there. Post Apocalyptic Crust Thrash. May the "Serpent Of Light" have mercy on your soul because your flesh is ours. Released in April 2015 CE.

AMON "Brána Do Pekla" CD (WRATH061)
They called the Master and the Gate of Hell opens once more... It is time for the return of Black Metal and the worship of the "Antikrist". Terror ( = "Strach") strikes the hearts of all those who dare defile Satan's chosen music as Dr. Fe proclaims their imminent annihilation. Ancient Czech Black Metal Cult. Released in April 2015 CE.

DANTESCO "We Don't Fear Your God" CD (WRATH060)
The sword descends and blood shall fall like rain... The Sun rises "At The Hill Of The Ravens" and the severed head of the "Betrayer" is triumphantly raised as an offering. Soon the black messengers of Doom shall peck their feast... DANTESCO return and, seeing that this is the 4th DANTESCO full length I'm sure everyone is aware of the qualities of the Caribean masters of satanic Doom Metal. Released in March 2015 CE. Released in April 2015 CE.

UPWARDS OF ENDTIME "Beyond Infinity" DoubleCD (WRATH059)
Those who have been following BARBARIAN WRATH for a while should be well aquainted with UPWARDS OF ENDTIME, after all we released their 3rd album "From Genesis To Apocalypse And Beyond" back in 2007 CE. "Beyond Infinity" combines all their work previous to that album, namely the "Upwards Of Endtime" and "Sadly Never Fore" albums, both remastered and adorned with several extra tracks each, among them a brilliant new version of "Jerhume Brunnen G" and 3 entirely new songs which are the first UPWARDS OF ENDTIME recordings since 2007. However, "The One Thing" you can't afford to miss again are classic songs like "I Am Legend" or "In My Wake". Mark my words. Released in July 2015 CE.

ILLEGAL BODIES "Mindflayers" CD (WRATH058)
A band that most likely none of you has ever heard of. You should fix that very fast unless you can resist a band that combines the qualities of SACRED BLADE and ("No Place Like Home") SIREN to a weird mix that is vaguely resembling SLOUGH FEG in spirit but somehow completely different musically. Before I dispair at trying to describe this jaw-dropping piece of Metal, why don't you just listen to "The Way Of All Flesh Synthetic" and we'll see how many of you will "Re-Emerge To Breathe"... Released in January 2015 CE.

ORDALIA "The Return Of The King" CD (WRATH057)
A very promising band along the same lines as Italian legends like ADRAMELCH or DARK QUARTERER, ORDALIA are located on the island of Sicily in the shadow of Mount Etna. At the crossroads of 3000 years of various civilisations they are predestined to tell tales of "Blood And Fire". "The Return Of The King" was originally recorded in 2000 and almost buried by the sands of time but a lucky run-in over at G+ got me in contact with the mastermind behind the band which recently reformed and will record a brand new album in 2015 CE. Raise the Black Sword "Mormegil" in anticipation ! Released in November 2014 CE.

WARHORDE "Kiss The Goat" CD (WRATH056)
Cold wet mist drifts across the land as the Hexing Hour draws near and with it comes the foul stench of the sin of "Witchcraft". "Four White Horses" draw the chariot of the Master and under a pale full moon the WARHORDE assembles to kiss the goat and renew their infernal oath of allegiance. None may stand in their way. Human language fails to describe this work of unholy depravity... Released in November 2014 CE.

HYBORIAN STEEL "Barbaric Mysticism" CD (WRATH055)
Let Aquilonian Battle Cries resound ! Metal Barbarians HYBORIAN STEEL are back with a 3rd scroll of tales of an age undreamt of. Having worshipped at the altars of CIRITH UNGOL, MANILLA ROAD, OMEN and BROCAS HELM since long before most of you were born I feel extremly honoured about this most welcome reinforcement to the BARBARIAN WRATH Metal Command. Heed the "Call Of The Messenger" and follow me to the "Age Of Heroes" ! Released in September 2014 CE.

BLOOD STORM "The Stellar Exorcism" CD (WRATH054)
Stare into the oblivion of the "Howling Void" and imagine a blend of "Abominations Of Desolation" and "Morbid Tales" with hints of "Haunting The Chapel" and even "Melissa" thrown in and you know what to expect of Philadelphia's BLOOD STORM. Not that someone hanging around BARBARIAN WRATH should be in need of an introduction at all... But, it matters not since the impending "Earthstorm Exorcism" is likely to be an Extinction Level Event. Released in September 2014 CE.

IRON VOID "Iron Void" CD (WRATH053)
Friday the 13th and a full moon to boot... What a perfect day to release a CD so heavy that the impact of it's arrival was measurable on the moons of Saturn... Yorkshire's very own Doom mongers IRON VOID mate the melody of CANDLEMASS to the brutality of DREAM DEATH as monsters like the opening "Tyrant's Crown" or the up-tempo "Own Worst Enemy" show most decidedly. Released in June 2014 CE.

COUNTESS "Ancient Lies And Battle Cries" CD (WRATH052)
"By Hammer And Blood", wait no longer for the ultimate defeat of monotheism is at hand and COUNTESS are screaming it's swan song. All followers of Mosaic fairytales, stay away from "Ancient Lies And Battle Cries" for it will damn your soul to eternal torment in life and afterlife. All godless heathens out there, heed the "Call Of The Ancient Pantheon" ! Released in April 2014 CE.

THE WIZAR'D "Ancient Tome Of Arcane Knowledge" CD (WRATH051)
Delving ever deeper into the proverbial "Ancient Tome Of Arcane Knowledge" Tasmania's very own THE WIZAR'D remain on their path to reveal facets of Metal hithero hidden to the eyes, ears and minds of even the more devoted members of the circle of occult Doom Metal fans. Besides the 6 track studio album (34 minutes) this CD also features a full live show recorded on Friday, September 13th 2013 CE that will surely cause you to "Turn To Evil" ... Released in February 2014 CE.

ARKHAM WITCH "On Crom's Mountain" CD (WRATH050)
From the moors of Yorkshire rises the spawn of the Old Ones. Wielding a mighty "Battering Ram" bearing the horrific visage of Cthulu himself they lay siege to "Crom's Mountain" and they trust not women, nor wizards and most definitely no gods on their quest to kick lids wherever their crusade will take them. Released in August 2011 CE.

COUNTESS "On Wings Of Defiance" CD (WRATH049)
Pagan warriors ride "Where Eagles Die" and they "Let The River Run Red" in their fight against overwhelming odds. A familiar theme on COUNTESS albums and one that never ceases to matter in times that are dominated by faceless hordes. Stand your ground and be yourself, no matter the cost. It is the stand that counts, not the outcome. Released on Barbarian Wrath in February 2011 CE.

COUNTESS "Burning Scripture" CD (WRATH048)
"Chariots Of Thunder" blast through the frozen Winter sky and in proud heathen halls, warmed by burning scripture and by the mead and ale passed around in the skulls of holy men, bards sing tales of Gods of old and "History Not Forgotten". Released in March 2010 CE.

WARHORDE "Death Rattle" CD (WRATH047)
"Blasting Rod" held high, the WARHORDE bursts forth once more from the fiery pit to reap harvest among the living. Leaving a trail of burning stereos in their wake their leader in war proudly proclaims "I Raise The Dead" and lo, even the dead start twitching at this inferno of ancient primitive chainsaw Thrash. Released in March 2010 CE.

THE WIZAR'D "Pathways Into Darkness" CD (WRATH046)
Ominous rumours have been filling the air for many seasons and at long last, like a "Disease From The East" THE WIZAR'D materializes under the foul full moon to teach us yet unknown "Pathways Into Darkness" and to bring upon us the certain doom of man. Try not to run from THE WIZAR'D for his spells are legion and vile. Neither Saint nor Vitus may stand before him so bow and grovel so you may live. Released in February 2010 CE.

TEARSTAINED "Nightmare Visions" CD (WRATH045)
"Not Quite Awake" yet, the nightmares of Mikael take us to "The Old House On The Mountainside" and other places of horror that only exist in his mind... Or do they ? Released July 2008 CE.

FAUSTCOVEN "Rising From Below The Earth" CD (WRATH044)
"At Night They Rise From Below The Earth" and the "Caravan Of Plague Bearers"wanders the nocturnal streets to spread death doom and destruction... Released July 2008 CE.

EARTH FLIGHT "Earth Flight" CD (WRATH043)
EARTH FLIGHT should already be known within the Doom Metal community due to their rather successful 2005 MCD. However, monsters such as "Runnin'" and the title track "Earth Flight" far transcend the genre with their influences drawn from heavy, doomed and psychedelic sounds of the early 70's. Released in November 2007 CE.

UPWARDS OF ENDTIME "From Genesis To Apokalypse And Beyond" CD (WRATH042)
Old School Heavy Metal, inspired and influenced primarily by the NWOBHM movement and this is a bit of a turning point for BARBARIAN WRATH. Will this 3rd album by Connecticut Metal warlords UPWARDS OF ENDTIME be "Damned To The Underground" like so many other great albums ? We sure hope not. Those out there who still "Search For Light" in the form of new, original Heavy Metal untained by the past 20 years of musical abomination will find a new name to paint on their vests right here. Mark my words. Released in November 2007 CE.

COUNTESS "Blazing Flames Of War" CD (WRATH041)
A new year, a new COUNTESS album one might say but this year is different. Orlok has come full circle and has melded the roaring Black Metal insanity of COUNTESS' days of yore with the more traditional Heavy Metal leanings of later works. Presented in a near flawless production the pounding "Scarlet Witch Queen" and the much faster "Winter Solstice" are sound proof that this new album easily surpasses already acclaimed predecessors such as "Spawn Of Steel" and "Holocaust Of The God Believers" as well as ancient classics like "Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam" and "The Book Of The Heretic". Released in November 2007 CE.

WARHORDE "Satanic Lust" CD (WRATH040)
"The Sabbath Calls" and the "Iron Fisted League" is summoned to Goshen where Hell has vomited forth the WARHORDE to sing, howl and gnarl the praise of the Horned One with rusty Death Thrash that's stuck somewhere around 1983. Soon to be worshipped by fans and to haunt the nightmares of every tabloid critic. Released in April 2007 CE.

COUNTESS "Holocaust Of The God Believers" CD (WRATH039)
"Holocaust Of The God Believers"" is the 10th COUNTESS full length album and picks up right where last years "Spawn Of Steel" left off. Dare take a stroll through the wood of the damned ("Het Woud Der Verdoemden") and through the depths of Orlok's twisted mind. Released in June 2006 CE.

TEARSTAINED "Homicidal Tendencies" CD (WRATH038)
Welcome to the everchanging nightmare of Mikael Vaalkoth. While previous albums showed a depressive and hopeless approach, "Homicidal Tendencies" graphically displays what'll happen once this "Time Bomb" of a man finally snaps and will "Let Everything Die Slowly". The music is fitting the lyrical change with a much more violent approach that invokes visions of POSSESSED or NECROVORE. Released in June 2006 CE.

DEATH BEAST "The Wakening" CD (WRATH037)
As one can easily hear in songs such as "Blood Of Dionysus" or "Apokalypse Metal", DEATH BEAST are dedicated to the filthy Thrash Metal of the early eighties such as SLAUGHTER or NASTY SAVAGE. Released in September 2005 CE.

COUNTESS "Spawn Of Steel" CD (WRATH036)
This is clearly the most musically competent work in COUNTESS' discography (so far) and will silence the hordes of naysayers who have never comprehended COUNTESS' genius. "Alone Against The World" or "Thermopylae" are works of brutal passion. Released in April 2005 CE.

STINY PLAMENU "Zelezo Krváci" CD (WRATH035)
"Images Of Brickworked Sewers" are invoked by tracks like "Tajemstvi Sedi A Rzi" as the obscure horrors of Lord Morbivods nightmares unfold and the sewers under Pilsen come to unholy life once more... Released in April 2005 CE.

ANAEL "On Wings Of Mercury" CD (WRATH034)
This second album with songs such as "The Black God's Icon" or "Marching Through Babylon's Gates" clearly documents the vast step ANAEL made towards their own identity. Released in September 2005 CE.

Chiles PATECABRA demonstrate that there still ARE latin american bands who know how to thrash and destroy. Fans of VULCANO, MUTILATOR or (very early) SEPULTURA will cream over violent eruptions like "LXIX Comando Satanico" or the name giving "Patecabra". Released in April 2007 CE.

TEARSTAINED "Monumental In Its Sorrow" CD (WRATH032)
Rerecorded and with more material than the original CD, this brilliant piece of music is finally available again. Don't miss songs like "Bat Horde" or "The End Of This Incarnation" a second time. Released in September 2005 CE.

ALASTOR "Infernal Lord" CD (WRATH031)
The ALASTOR returns with another slab of old Thrash Metal as they put it so eloquently to set themselves apart from the retro "old school" trend. All those who have been bored to tears by bands who thought using 2 extra bullet belts somehow made them Thrash Metal will know what gem ALASTOR really are and those who haven't yet sure as Hell need to listen to "Destruicao Do Paraiso" and "Senhor Das Trevas" ! Released December 2004 CE.

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Goat Of Thunder And Rock'n'Roll Joined: 01 Sep 2006 Posts: 1726 Location: At Satan's left hand

GRAVEWÜRM "Under The Banner Of War" CD (WRATH030)
The thundering Black Thrash of "Amongst The Dead" and "Iron Clans" chimes in another chapter of the GRAVEWÜRM saga. Released in April 2005 CE.

AMON "Return Of The Black Metal" CD (WRATH029)
After the tragic death of 2 members in the wake of the release of "Zrozeni Smrti" AMON have consolidated a new lineup that's stronger than ever. Listen to "Beltebor" and "Mor" and bear witness to the return of the Black Metal in their sound ! Released December 2004 CE.

HAIL "Inheritance Of Evilness" CD (WRATH028)
From the frozen swamps of Finland crawls HAIL, the insane bastard child of BEHERIT and VARATHRON. "War Must Go On" or "Barbaryan (Finland)" are ancient Black Death at it's finest ! Released December 2003 CE.

STINY PLAMENU "Dive Into The Wastewater..." CD (WRATH027)
After much pleading Lord Morbivod decided to make the two CDR demos available for a wider public. Both recordings have been remastered by the Lord himself for improved audial torment ! Hear for yourself: "Rozhovor II: Satanovy Kalové Hody", "Vodarenska Mafie". Released February 2004 CE.

COUNTESS "Heilig Vuur" CD (WRATH026)
Orlok fulfilled himself a dream he's been having for years. This 8th full album of "Nederlands Zwartest" exclusively consists of songs written in dutch such as "De Wilde Jacht" and "Heilig Vuur". Released April 2004 CE.

FAUSTCOVEN "The Halo Of Burning Wings" CD (WRATH025)
BARBARIAN WRATH signing a Norwegian band... what few would´ve thought possible (and least of all ourselves) has happened. Listen too "Annointed In Flames" and "Castle Of The Tyrant" and you will understand that we haven´t gone insane but there was simply no way in Hell to pass on FAUSTCOVEN. Released in December 2003 CE.

GRAVEWÜRM "Into Battle" CD (WRATH024)
Ever deeper the GRAVEWURM gnaws into the bowels of Death Metal to feast once more... "Abyss Avenger" or "I Shall Lead The Legions Of Hell" are a fitting soundtrack for this bloody spectacle. Released in September 2003 CE.

MEGIDDO "The Final War" CD (WRATH023)
For far too long possession of these recordings was the wet dream of every MEGIDDO fanatic. Finally it sees an official release after the initial 113 CDR copies on UHR. "The Final War" and "Blackened" show that even at demo level MEGIDDO knew what they wanted. Released in September 2003 CE.

TEARSTAINED "Final Thoughts" CD (WRATH022)
This CD completes the "Suicide Triology". More agressive than on "There Is No Hope" the band advances on their path to self annihilation. Remove all sharp objects before playing "Trust No One" or "Final Thoughts" or you might wake up in strange places. Released in July 2003 CE.

STINY PLAMENU "Rány Cerným Kovem" CD (WRATH021)
A second album from the masters of Czech Black Metal. Everyone who still remembers MASTER´S HAMMER or TORMENTOR will cream his pants over "Predzvest Valky Za Cistirnu" or "Prvni Zvradelni Bitva". Released in November 2002 CE.

SITHLORD "The Return To Godless Times" CD (WRATH020)
With "Dissection" or "Necronomicon Ex-Mortis" this horde of Australians serves us a brutal slab of violent oldschool Thrash Metal in the vein of ONSLAUGHT, HELLWITCH or the demotapes of DEMOLITION HAMMER. Released in November 2002 CE.

HERETIC "Devilworshipper" CD (WRATH019)
After many an extra turn we proudly present the 2nd abomination of the HERETIC. "I Am The Demon King" and "We Will Destroy" show they were faithful to their use of bass overdose and their abuse of all known HiFi standards as they plunge through 12 tracks dedicated exclusively to His worship. Released in May 2003 CE.

ANAEL "Necromantic Rituals" CD (WRATH018)
Almost out of nowhere this german band comes follows the lore of old SAMAEL works. Songs like "Worship Of Death" or "Vomit Of The Earth" are far beyond all current trends. Thanks go to Luca of IRON TYRANT for pointing out this pearl among mountains of pebbles. Released in April 2003 CE.

GRAVEWÜRM "Dark Souls Of Hell" CD (WRATH017)
Oldfashioned worshippers of HELLHAMMER / SLAUGHTER / SODOM will worship GRAVEWÜRM on their knees after listening to songs like "In Hell We Reign" or "Massacre In Heaven". Released May 2002 CE.

COUNTESS "The Revenge Of The Horned One Pt. II" CD (WRATH016)
With "Child Of The Millenia" or "Blood Wedding (St. Bartholomew's Day 1572)" COUNTESS shoot another arrow of orthodox Black Fucking Metal straight through the hearts and groins of all those who still dare play Norsecore and Fag Gothic. Released March 2002 CE.

MORRIGAN "Enter The Sea Of Flames" CD (WRATH015)
"Beyond The Green Hills" or "In Cold Blood" show very much that this world needs more bands like MORRIGAN. Released April 2002 CE.

ALASTOR "Hellward" CD (WRATH014)
The first Black Metal CD with fully portugese lyrics like "Demonios Antigos" or "Sacrificio Em Golgota" and a cover by the mighty IRON ANGEL. Released December 2001 CE.

MEGIDDO "The Atavism Of Evil" CD (WRATH013)
On their 2nd album MEGIDDO are not straying from their very own path to eternal damnation. "Annihilation Antichrist" or "A Hymn To The Apocalypse" are a feast for friends of exceptional Black Metal. Released July 2002 CE.

TEARSTAINED "There Is No Hope" CD (WRATH012)
Finally something new from this great US act. "Despondent Surrender" or "The Curse Of Christ" offer epic, twisted Black Metal which combines the finest moments of MERCYFUL FATE and BATHORY. Released December 2001 CE.

STINY PLAMENU "Ve Spine Je Pravda" CD (WRATH011)
Czech Black Metal in the totally ancient and unique vein. Check "Vyprava Za Pravdou Spiny" and "Morbivodni Potrubi" and realize that the scene of eastern Europe has more to offer than GRAVELAND copies ! Released September 2001 CE.

AMON "Zrozeni Smrti" CD (WRATH010)
As AMON GOETH they released 2 CDs on the infamous NEP, now they are back to slay once again. "Nabozne Svine" or "Na Hrobe" are exciting czech Black Death Metal as it was played 10 years ago before the scene stagnated in meaningless ritual. Released February 2002 CE.

MORRIGAN "Plague, Waste And Death" CD (WRATH009)
Formerly known as MAYHEMIC TRUTH they return to show the world the true meaning of the term "Epic Black Metal". Songs like "Plague Waste And Death" or "Ashes To Ashes Lust To Lust" hold no keyboards, no girlies, no gothic homosexuality, just Blood, Fire, Death. Released May 2001 CE.

SARGATANAS "Knights Of The Southern Cross" CD (WRATH008)
Those who know "The Enlightenment" know what to expect from this 3rd CD of Mexico´s finest band. "Hell's Lair" and "Warlord Of Hell" are brutal, raw, satanic Death Metal only a band from Latin America can come up with. Released September 2001 CE.

NUNSLAUGHTER "Radio Damnation" CD (WRATH007)
The Gods of Satanic Death metal return with a "live in studio" recording that captures the true essence of the evil that is NUNSLAUGHTER. Many songs from 7"es like "Fire" or "Emperor In Hell" are presented here in even more raw versions. Released April 2001 CE.

COUNTESS "The Revenge Of The Horned One Pt. I" CD (WRATH006)
"Idolatry" or "Filth Machine" are new perversions of Nederlands finest who are here releasing their 6th album already. Released April 2001 CE.

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY "Castrate The Redeemer" CD (WRATH005)
The Lords of US Black Metal with their definite album. "Shemhamforash" or "Castrate The Redeemer" are the perfect soundtrack for your next nocturnal nunnery excursion. Released July 2001 CE.

ALASTOR "Crushing Christendom" CD (WRATH004)
The Lusitanian beer bastards will teach you all the true meaning of "SAGRES!" ! Everyone into WHIPLASH, ONSLAUGHT or BULLDOZER will worship the Black Thrash Thrash Metal massacre of "Infernal Power" or "Necronomicunt". Released November 2000 CE.

MEGIDDO "The Devil And The Whore" CD (WRATH003)
Bands like MEGIDDO belong to a new generation of bands who are not intimidated by a decade of Scandinavian music but rather go their own path proudly. "The Oath" and "The Heretic" mate the melody of the NWOBHM with the cruelty of Black Metal to a cacophony beyond all categories. Released December 2000 CE.

GRAVEWÜRM "Ancient Storms Of War" CD (WRATH002)
From the deepest pit of Hell crawls the GRAVEWÜRM. Not to be confused with those Italian Goth Wimps, these americans pick up with "Ancient Storms Of War" or "Black Candles" where HELLHAMMER and SODOM did not dare to continue after their first demos. Released August 2000 CE.

COUNTESS "The Shining Swords Of Hate" CD (WRATH001)
A new beginning… COUNTESS have changed a lot on this album and show a much more cold and sinister side. The long monotonous passages of songs like "Hate From Hell" or "Totenkopf (Satan's Soldaten)" create a brooding atmosphere of fear and despair. Released August 2000 CE.

WIZZARD "Wizzard" CD (NEP016)
The first CD of Finnish WIZZARD is no cheap shot of bored musicians trying to sell a few CDs through the Retro Thrash trend, no, this is blood, sweat and beer, just as real Metal ever was supposed to be ! If you like BULLDOZER or ONSLAUGHT you won’t be able to pass on songs like "Black Leather And Cold Metal" or "War, Pestilence, Hate". Released in December 1998 CE.

BARATHRUM "Infernal" CD (NEP015)
Just in time for their first (and still only) German shows together with COUNTESS and the Japanese legend SABBAT this truly infernal third BARATHRUM album was released. "The Blasphemer" or "Deliver A Battle" are the true soundtrack to Hell. Released in May 1997 CE.

COUNTESS "The Book Of The Heretic" CD (NEP014)
Musically the most mature COUNTESS recording so far, "The Book Of The Heretic" is a 70 minute Black Metal monster linked together by a grotesque story (printed in the booklet). We picked "Creation" and "A Warlord's Swansong" as a reference. Released in July 1996 CE.

MORTUARY DRAPE "Secret Sudaria" CD (NEP013)
To this day and despite all line-up changes, MORTUARY DRAPE, active since 1986 CE, have been guaranteed to play brilliant and absolutely unique Black Metal. Songs like "Obsessed By Necromancy" or "Necromancer" are inspired equally by SODOM and MERCYFUL FATE. Released in May 1997 CE.

AMON GOETH "The Worship" CD (NEP012)
This second album of AMON is considered their claim to fame by many. Even though, compared to the first CD, the songs here show no fundamental difference, "In Love With Satan" or "Black Professions" have a special magick that’s tough to put in words. Friends of the extreme bands of the former eastern block can´t pass this CD. Released May 1998 CE.

BIFROST "The Wildest Fire" CD (NEP011)
"Heathen Apotheosis" and "Midwinter Celebration" are the best examples for this orgy of Pagan Heavy Metal to the glory of the elder Thrash Metal Gods ! But although we would’ve been "trendy" for once, all hopes for success were laid to waste by the split of the band just 6 weeks after the release... Released January 1996 CE.

After 6 years in the underground it was no problem for BARATHRUM to record 2 albums in one year. "Eerie" fascinates through brilliant songs like "Bleeding Sky" or "Victory Feast" and is a unique jewel of Black Metal that everyone should’ve heard. Released in November 1995 CE.

COUNTESS "Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam" CD (NEP009)
The majority of this album was composed under the impression of a pilgrimage to the castle of Erszebeth Nadasdy in Winter 1994 CE. In comparison to it’s predecessor "The Priest Must Die" and "Blood On My Lips" show a much improved production which allows the twisted song material to come to (undead) life and grants COUNTESS their own identity. Of course the musical base of NWOBHM and Black Metal of the early eighties was retained. Released November 1995 CE.

AMON GOETH "Call The Master" CD (NEP008)
Dr. Fe has been vocalist of ROOT in the late eighties and founded AMON in 1989 CE. It’s not surprising that songs like "Sign Of The Pentagram" or the title track "Call The Master" fit seamlessly in with bands like ROOT, TÖRR or MASTERS HAMMER. Released in March 1996 CE.

THA-NORR "Wolfenzeitalter" CD (NEP007)
Unfortunately this is THA-NORRs only legacy despite their "HELLHAMMER on Speed" Black Metal being inspiration to many who followed. Listen to "Tears For All Those Who Died" or "Tyrant Of A New Aeon" and compare it to later recorded albums like MOONBLOODs "Blut Und Krieg"… Released September 1995 CE.

BARATHRUM "Hailstorm" CD (NEP006)
With the unusual instrumentation of 3 bass players and a drummer who’s known to use human bones on occasion, BARATHRUMs jet Black Metal is a league on it’s own. The only vague comparison to violent outbursts such as "Spears Of Sodom" or "Battlecry" would be NECROMANTIA... Released April 1995 CE.

CRUACHAN "Tuatha Na Gael" CD (NEP005)
CRUACHAN was the first band to develop the ideas of the first SKYCLAD albums further in 1994 CE, successfully combined Black Metal and Folk with songs like "Cuchulainn" or "To Invoke The Horned God" and so became founding fathers to an entire genre. Released April 1995 CE.

BIFROST "Pagan Reality" CD (NEP004)
BIFROST were one of the first Thrash Metal bands of the nineties. Inspired by CELTIC FROST and especially the british SABBAT (who’s Heathen concept they adopted) songs like "My Ancestor (Now A Dark Woodspirit)" or "Children Of The Black Hill" should be right to the taste of all those who felt that SKYCLAD had grown too soft over the years. Released January 1995 CE.

COUNTESS "The Return Of The Horned One" CD (NEP003)
Intentional simplicity paired with ear splitting screams are COUNTESS’ idea of orthodox Black Metal which is most consequently pulled off on this album. Somewhere between VENOM and BATHORY, "Fire And Blood" and "Ritual Of The 7 Priests" appear like a forgotten relic from the early eighties. Released December 1994 CE.

BEHEMOTH "...From The Pagan Vastlands" CD (NEP002)
Well-known (and liked) today as an able Death Metal band, the career of BEHEMOTH began with pure, BATHORY inspired Black Metal like "The Dance Of The Pagan Flames" or "Fields Of Haar-Meggido". Epic song structures meld with fast aggressive outbursts and create a unique atmosphere. Released September 1994 CE.

DAWNFALL "Dominance Of Darkness" CD (NEP001)
DAWNFALL were amongst the first bands to start playing Black Metal (again) here in Germany around 1993 CE. The raw and primitive production and the song material leaning on HELLHAMMER and BURZUM like "Reach The Deep" or "In My Rituals" were far ahead of their time back then but inspired many more modern bands in the years since. Released July 1994 CE.
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