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--> BREW048 -- EXCIMER "Thrash From Fire" CD is shipping NOW!

When one thinks of Egypt usually pyramids and camels under face-melting heat come to mind. Heavy Metal in any form usually doesn't. These guys from Alexandria will shortly convince you otherwise and they have the face-melting part down to an art form ! Thrash From Fire =
While EXCIMER don't re-invent Thrash Metal (who needs Thrash re-invented anyways...?) they write damn good songs and (perhaps even more important) present them with the vigor and conviction of a pack of hungry desert wolves. These guys mean business ! Listen to Victims Of Plague =
I've been raking my brain for the most suitable comparison for EXCIMER and every time the Witch puts on the CDR I think of late 80s US Thrash bands along the lines of FUNERAL NATION or BURNT OFFERING or NUM SKULL. They don't sound like any of these, not exactly anyways, but at least to my ears, the spirit is the same. Listen to this and tell me if I'm wrong Smile
War Terror =
This CD will be released on Friday March 13th 2015 and you can already pre-order it for a reduced price @ and if you're smart you'll get this together with NIGHTBREED since both are brilliant and you don't have to pay a cent of extra postage.


--> BREW052 -- NIGHTBREED "Nightbreed" CD is shipping NOW!
During one of her frequent archeological digs in Greece the Witch found these guys at the bottom of a dark pit, surrounded by ancient curse markers. Apparently someone really wanted NIGHTBREED to stay in their graves but alas, now the Pandemic is upon you !
Pandemic =
I'm sure I'm not the only one who can hear just how much NIGHTBREED are possessed by German Thrash Metal, right ? I just hope they won't wimp out after 2 records, like almost all the Germans did unsure emoticon Time will tell. For now, let's revel in being Satanized =
April 19th NIGHTBREED will lay waste to Athens together with label mates ENDLESS RECOVERY (who are total RAZOR worship) and SABOTER (who are basically the first ICED EARTH album with a side of Thrash) as well as CONVIXION and MENTALLY DEFILED. The Witch and I will be present for this momentous occasion and don't disappoint me, I expect it to be a complete Holocaust =
This CD will be released on Friday March 13th 2015 and you can already pre-order it for a reduced price @ and if you're smart you'll get this together with EXCIMER since both are brilliant and you don't have to pay a cent of extra postage.


STILL HOT and available @ :

--> BREW047 -- SABOTER "Saboter" MCD
The Brewmistress has uncovered a hidden gem in Greek newcomers SABOTER! This debut 5 track EP is where pure Classic Heavy Metal meets US Thrash for over 18 minutes of crunch laden riffs, powerful vocals and addicting melodies! This is straightforward pure Metal taking influence from the very best of early 90s MELIAH RAGE, SANCTUARY, JUDAS PRIEST, METALLICA and ICED EARTH! If you crave the crunch SABOTER can satisfy!

--> BREW049 -- ACERO LETAL "Duro Metal" 7"
Following their 2008 demo, ACERO LETAL from Chile have taken the Brewery by storm with 2 brand new tracks of driving Heavy/Speed Metal greatness praising the ultimate glory of Heavy Metal! In the best tradition of classic bands like MURO or BARON ROJO to name just a few, these guys thoroughly shred, leaving it impossible to hold your head still! Available as black vinyl with A4 insert containing lyrics for both songs (with translations) and liner notes. An absolute must have for all into Traditional Heavy and Speed Metal! DURO METAL!!!!!

--> BREW050 -- BLACKENED "Underground Attack" MCD
This young band from Brazil has joined the Brewmistress on her mighty Thrash crusade! To bridge the time while they work on their debut full length due out on Witches Brew later this year, we've done a reissue (with a different layout) of their self released 6 track MCD from 2014, previously only available in a limited run of 200 copies. They are heavily influenced by the classic Bay Area sound, mixing in some Crossover and NY Thrash nuances for a ferocious, in your face Thrash Attack! Together we march forward, proudly proclaiming that Thrash will never die!!

--> ILLEGAL BODIES "Mindflayers" CD (WRATH058)
A band that most likely none of you has ever heard of. You should fix that very fast unless you can resist a band that combines the qualities of SACRED BLADE and ("No Place Like Home") SIREN to a weird mix that is vaguely resembling SLOUGH FEG in spirit but somehow completely different musically. Before I dispair at trying to describe this jaw-dropping piece of Metal, why don't you just listen to "The Way Of All Flesh Synthetic" and we'll see how many of you will "Re-Emerge To Breathe"...


In print right now and COMING NEXT:

--> BREW051 VOLCANIC Okkult Witch 10" Picture Disc MLP
The "Okkult Witch" demo tape from 2013 gets the vinyl treatment on Witches Brew! This stunning 10" picture disc contains the complete demo plus 2 brand new bonus tracks! All tracks have been remastered specifically for this release resulting in a crushing, all out Black Thrashing Speed Metal orgy! As an added bonus each pic disc includes a high quality woven patch featuring the front cover design! Limited to 500 copies and housed in a deluxe PVC bag with flap. Highly recommended for fans of bands like DESASTER or DESTR÷YER 666!

-- > BREW 053 SPEEDWHORE "The Future Is Now" CD
will be released by Witches Brew! So give a big Hellcome to one of the last bands to make it onto the roster before the cut off! Check this latest promo video for the album:

--> DANTESCO "We Don't Fear Your God" CD (WRATH060)
The sword descends and blood shall fall like rain... The Sun rises "At The Hill Of The Ravens" and the severed head of the "Betrayer" is triumphantly raised as an offering. Soon the black messengers of Doom shall peck their feast... DANTESCO return and, seeing that this is the 4th DANTESCO full length I'm sure everyone is aware of the qualities of the Caribean masters of satanic Doom Metal.

--> AMON "BrŠna Do Pekla" CD (WRATH061)
They called the Master and the Gate of Hell opens once more... It is time for the return of Black Metal and the worship of the "Antikrist". Terror ( = "Strach") strikes the hearts of all those who dare defile Satan's chosen music as Dr. Fe proclaims their imminent annihilation. Ancient Czech Black Metal Cult.
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